Interessante artikelen en andere links registreer ik via Pinboard. Deze worden wekelijks, op zondagavond, gebundeld weggeschreven. Hier vind je het archief.

2021 w41

What’s Fact and What’s Fiction in The Last Duel
The film pits Matt Damon against Adam Driver in a medieval battle over sexual assault. But did any of that really happen?
Why Online Anonymity Matters
Survey finds 'shocking' lack of Holocaust knowledge among millennials and Gen Z
No, your antibodies are not better than vaccination: An explainer
Infection does offer some immune protection—but it's unreliable compared with vaccines.
20 Things I've Learned in my 20 Years as a Software Engineer

2021 w40

The Absurdity of the Nobel Prizes in Science
They distort the nature of the scientific enterprise, rewrite its history, and overlook many of its most important contributors.
Vikings in paradise
Were the Norse the first to settle the Azores?
Auditing Design Systems for Accessibility
In this blog post, I hope to inform my fellow designers especially about where we need to come in for accessibility considerations.
Women's pain is routinely underestimated, and gender stereotypes are to blame – new research
Both male and female observers are susceptible to the false belief that women exaggerate their pain.
Babies are full of microplastics, new research shows
When comparing stool samples between babies and adults, scientists found up to 15 times more microplastics.
Clearview AI Has New Tools to Identify You in Photos
In an interview with WIRED, CEO Hoan Ton-That said the company has scraped 10 billion photos from the web—and developed new ways to aid police surveillance.
Tiny Helpers
A collection of free single-purpose online tools for web developers...

2021 w39

e-Bikes laden op een tegeltje
Slepen met accu’s, klungelen met kabels: het opladen van een elektrische fiets gaat een stuk minder soepel dan het vervoermiddel zelf.
The Bay Area town that drove out its Chinese residents for nearly 100 years
Before the white residents of Antioch burned down Chinatown in 1876, they banned Chinese people from walking the city streets after sunset.
Mermaids and Tritons in the Age of Reason
how humanity’s supposed aquatic ancestors became wondrous screens on which to project theories of geographical, racial, and taxonomical difference.
Pandemic Bird-Watching Created a Data Boom—and a Conundrum
Avid amateurs are generating a wealth of information on avian activity. But does that data reflect new trends in bird behavior, or in people’s?
The Power of the Link
The native vs. web debate often focuses on feature capabilities: native is rich while the web is lacking, always trying to catch up. But there’s one feature where the web has proven to be light years ahead of native: the lowly link.
Vastende gelovigen roeiden waterdier uit
Hun staart leek op die van een vis. Dus was het prima om ze te eten in de vastentijd – massaal. De paus zei het zelf.
What Silicon Valley "Gets" about Software Engineers that Traditional Companies Do Not
How Big Tech Runs Tech Projects and the Curious Absence of Scrum
'JIRA has been mentioned mostly with negative associations' Ha!
Preload, prefetch and other <link> tags
what they do and when to use them
Medieval Myths Bingo
There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about “The” Middle ages. This era lasted roughly 1000 years and life was very different at certain times and in different places, so it is a bit silly and difficult to make blanket statements about this subject.
Did Agincourt Archers Really Invent Swearing With A Two-Fingered Salute V-Sign?
Learn the true story behind Henry V’s incredible victory at Agincourt in 1415
The NSA and CIA Use Ad Blockers Because Online Advertising Is So Dangerous

2021 w38

De wreedste mannelijke regimes zijn bang voor vrouwen die studeren
Lezing: De Italiaanse schrijfster Elena Ferrante hield donderdagavond op het ILFU in Utrecht de Belle van Zuylen-lezing. Ze bracht een vurig pleidooi voor goed onderwijs voor vrouwen als belangrijke emancipatiefactor.
Schijf for Life
Plantaardig voedingsadvies
Lab-grown meat is supposed to be inevitable. The science tells a different story.
Tampons Can Save Your Life in the Backcountry
We asked survival experts for advice on how to use them for much more than the obvious
Kids who grew up with search engines could change STEM education forever
HermanCainAward Subreddit
the unbelievable grimness of celebrating anti-vaxxer COVID deaths
Inclusive Design 24 (#id24) 23 September 2021
Netflix Acquires Roald Dahl Story Company, Plans Cross Format Universe
[..] with a total production budget around $1 billion.
Why Progressive Web Applications (PWA) Make JavaScript Frameworks Obsolete
PWAs depend on service workers, a powerful background script. They can perform much of the work servers & JavaScript frameworks do, making frameworks obsolete.
A Twitter Addict Realizes She Needs Rehab
How could I have succumbed to this common, embarrassing habit that just about everyone on Earth knows is a scourge?
Het koningshuis is nergens goed voor
Onze vorst lijkt de ideale omstandigheden te creëren om zichzelf, zijn nageslacht en het vaderland te bevrijden van de monarchie

2021 w37

Take A Closer Look At The Intricate Costumes And Funky Nose Plugs Of Dune
Diversiteit als toetje - Heeft het filosofieonderwijs een probleem?
Filosofie is voor álle leerlingen. Maar wie weleens een schoolboek voor filosofie openslaat, ziet dat dit anders lijkt. Bijna alleen maar mannelijke en witte filosofen staan in het examenprogramma.
Afghan women are sharing photos of dresses to protest the Taliban's black hijab mandate
Covid-19 in schools
The unvaccinated US teacher who infected 12 students with Covid